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Lowshot Ltd. offers, for sale, digital aerial photography files of high-quality for sites in Israel and worldwide. We have over 35,000, current photographs, of thousands sites.
The majority of images in the Lowshot website are diagonal photographs of high resolution and excellent quality.
The images are presented in small groups and at low resolution for display purposes and to facilitate your search for photographs.
When a customer wishes to purchase a particular photo, he will be given an access code and/or link which will enable him to download the image at the original high quality and resolution. Some of the uses for purchased photographs:
1.      Place the image in any Internet website for publicity or sales promotion purposes;
2.      Enlarge the image up to a maximum of 120cm x 90cm;
3.      Include the image in various presentations, such as PowerPoint slideshows;
4.      Use an image for instructional or training purposes. For example, to guide security personnel of kibbutzim or moshavim or small communal settlements.
5.      Assist in orientation to a particular physical location as completing product to vertical satellite photography.
6.      Use the files for educational purposes in schools, colleges, universities, or various courses.
The Lowshot website is the only one in Israel to present serial diagonal aerial images of most existing settlements and villages in the country. Also on the website are a great number of historical and archeological sites, as well as commercial center, hospitals and more,  throughout the country.

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