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Israel's largest base of aerial photography
LOWSHOT is pleased to offer you digitalized, high-quality aerial photographs of various sites in Israel and other parts of the world. We send you the images via the Internet so that the entire process is interactive and simple. At present, we are unable to provide printing or photo-editing or framing services.
Keywords:  Kibbuz   Community Sites   Archaeological sites   Cities   Commercial centers   Holy Places   Minorities   Moshav   Moshavot   Institutions   Hospitals   Sport sites   Nature sites   Monuments   Events 

To Search for and Find a Photograph:

  1. First select one of the categories that appear below this text by clicking on it, and then select your desired site from the drop-down menu; OR
  2. Type in the name of the desired site and press the SEARCH button.


After you have selected your desired site, you will see thumbnail shots of all the images available for that site.  Click on the desired image and you will see a larger, but still reduced, and exact copy of the original photograph.  Next to the reduced image, the dimensions of the original photograph will be given, and its price.

Purchasing one of our images via the Internet:
At this point, the customer is asked to type in his/her personal details (name, etc.) and credit card details, and then to accept the conditions of the transaction according to our official Agreement.  The official Agreement may be viewed as well. After the customer has pressed "Accept", a confirmation code will be sent to him.  At that point, the customer may click on the confirmation code and the full-size image, at maximum quality, will appear on his or her screen for a limited time. 


The Final Product

 The image will be sent in jpg format and as such, may also be downloaded or saved.

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